Yes, after literally no messages urging me to do a weekly quiz, it's here.

Each Thursday I shall post five reasonably fiendish questions on a particular theme. Your job is to provide the answers.

At this stage there are no prizes, but this may change.

Leave your name in answering and bask in the admiration of fellow blog readers when you get the answers right.

But no Googling!

This week's theme is 'firsts'...

1) Who was the first Scot ever to win a match at the Crucible?

2) Who was the first player to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan in a professional event?

3) Who were the commentators for the first televised 147 break in 1982?

4) Who made the Crucible's first break in excess of 140?

5) Who won the first ranking event run under a random draw format?


Mal said...

1. Murdo Macleod
2. Don't know this, but remember Cliff Wilson - legend - beat him in his first season, but that was probably about his third loss.
3. Jack Karnehm & David Taylor (?)
4. Doug Mountjoy
5. Bob Chaperon

James B said...

1. Murdo MacLoed
2. ?
3. John Spencer
4. Bill Werbenuik
5. Stephen Hendry, 1991 British Open

shaun said...

I no mcmanus beat ronnie at the crucible in 93 but not certain if that was is first loss

Anonymous said...

congratulations Dave- number 2 has got me - I would need to look it up- nice level of questions though as I had to think a moment on number 5 as well. I wont put the answers or it would spoil it for other guessers
John H

kildare cueman said...

1.Murdo McLeod

2.No Idea, will guess Fred Davis, know he beat him at some stage.

3.John Pulman and David Taylor.

4.Bill Werbeniuk

5. Think it was the second ppt in 83, so I'll go for Knowles.
If not, then Reardon in 82.

Colin M said...

No googling...my best guesses are:

1) Stephen Hendry
2) Mark Williams
3) David Taylor and John Pullman
4) Doug Mountjoy
5) Stephen Lee

Ron said...

No Googling? Are you kidding?!

Questions are interesting, but I won't be able to find all the answers!

Anonymous said...

1. Murdo Macleod (a lot of people seem to think Hendry)
2. Alan McManus
3. John Pulman and David Taylor
4. Bill Werbniuk
5. Ray Rearden (total guess)

Gary Moss

Dave H said...

Nobody has them all correct so far

Anonymous said...

I think Sean Storey was the first to beat O'Sullivan, followed by Dave Findow then Gary Wilkinson.
Could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

1. Murdo Macleod
2. Dont Know without Checking
3.Rex Williams and David Taylor
4.Bill Werbeniuk (1979)
5. Ray Reardon (1982 PPT) only the second tournament after the Jameson International of that year to carry ranking points other than the World Championships.
John H

Anonymous said...

1. Jim Donnelly?
2. Alan Mcmanus?
3. John Pulman & Jim Meadowcroft?
4. I think it was a 145, was it Doug Mountjoy?
5. Bob Chaperon?

Snookerbacker (no chance)

Anonymous said...

Did Bert Demarco ever win a match at Sheffield?

Anonymous said...

How many was I out Dave. I'm guessing I got two wrong

Gary Moss

Anonymous said...

1 - murdo mcleod. 2 - dave finbow. 3 - david taylor , john pullman. 4 - bill werbenuik. 5 - bob chaperon

Colin M said...

I guess for number 2) the real answer might be "himself" !

Anonymous said...

Number one, mcleod and Hendry both won at the crucible, only Hendrys match was a couple of days later

Mal said...

Changing mine:
1. Murdo Macleod
2. Still don't know this - Maybe Dave Finbow that earlier question gave
3. John Spencer - I remember that having made a 147 a couple of years before, he then commentated on Steve's & David Taylor (?)
4. Bill Werbeniuk (Mountjoy's 145 was later)
5. Bob Chaperon

CHRISK5 said...

1 - Murdo McLeod (1986)
2 - Cliff Wilson (1992 UK)
3 - Any of Rex Williams,John Pulman
& David Taylor
4 - Bill Werbenuik (1979)
5 - John Higgins (2008 GP)

How many of these would you get Dave,if you didn't have the answers
in front of you ?!

CHRISK5 said...

1. Murdo McLeod (1987) - He did it
one session before Hendry
2.Cliff Wilson (stick with that for now)
3.Rex Williams & John Pulman (it
could only be 2 commentators)
4.Bill Werbenuik (1979)
5.John Higgins (2008 GP) - If there was a random draw event
before this - I would be surprised

Anonymous said...

Nice one Colin M. The first of many such losses, sadly.

Dave H said...

I should have added that I'll be revealing the answers tomorrow morning

Anonymous said...

I'd say

1.Murdo McLeod

2.I'll try Cliff Wilson but don't know for sure

3.John Pulman and David Taylor

4.I think Kirk Stevens got a 143 a year before Doug Mountjoy's 145

5. Bob Chaperon


Dave H said...

To paraphrase Eric Morecambe...we now have all the right answers, just not necessarily in the right order

INMAN said...

1. Murdo mcleod
2.sean storey
3.David Taylor and John Pulman
4.Bill Werbeniuk
5.Tony Knowles.

jamie brannon said...

It is a good idea the quiz, but I still think people will be googling the anwsers.

A very good memorial issue to Alex Higgins, spoiled only by a sycophantic piece by Dean Christopher.

Hendry, is wrong about the rankings, but I still feel that the true quality may be slightly disguised as there are 13 events that feature almost no best-of-nine matches.

CHRISK5 said...

I just come in from work &
can't beleive nobody has got them all just yet.

1 - Murdo McLeod
2 - Sean Storey
3 - John Pulman & David Taylor
4 - Bill Werbenuik
5 - Ray Reardon (1982 Players)
or Bob Chaperon (1990 British)

Anonymous said...

Typical chrisk5. a fun quiz and he not only has to have 3 goes but googles the answers and puts them up. what a child.

CHRISK5 said...

The number 2 question is interesting,does the summer qualifiers count as a professional
event ? - If so,Storey or Finbow
most likely.

If not,then Gary Wilkinson beat
Ronnie 5-3 at the 92 Grand Prix,
his first proper professional event

Anon 6.00PM - No,I didn't google
the answers & yes,the quiz is a
great idea !

Even I might learn something.

Anonymous said...

No chrisk you didnt google?
You say in your earlier attempt you'd be surprised if there was an open draw before 2008. All of a sudden the 1982 ppt comes into your mind. You are full of it and this time you are caught red handed.

CHRISK5 said...

Anon 8.14PM - I took stock of other people's guesses.

The only answers I knew initially
were McLeod & Werbeniuk.

'You are full of it..........'

Ronnie's Shanghai withdrawal still
fresh in your mind then ?!

Anonymous said...

Fellas, please.

Anonymous said...

1) Jim Donnelly
2) Jason Weston
3) Shaw Taylor & Ted Lowe
4) Billy Snaddon
5) Perrie Mans

Anonymous said...

almost every person looked up the answers, google or not.